ultramarin marine translations
nl (uit)baggeren   met een bagger de vaarweg of haven uitdiepen.
de (aus)baggern mit einem Bagger Wasserstraßen oder Häfen vertiefen
en to dredge to dig up mud, sand, gravel, etc. from the bottom of a waterway or lake.
fr draguer
es dragar      
it dragare      
  the hydraulic dredge California, as it is digging the West Bay Sediment Diversion Channel (a project of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans, October 2003). The view is towards the southwest with the Mississippi River in the foreground and the shallow waters of West Bay in the background. The dredge is working to dig a 440-foot wide, -25-foot deep channel through the natural river bank. Material dug from the river bank is being pumped through a floating pipeline connected at the rear of the dredge vessel (middle and left side of photo). The sand is being pumped into a beneficial use marsh creation site in West Bay (upper left quarter of photo) to create more than 200 acres of new wetlands.  
photo: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers