ultramarin marine translations
nl     het recht van elk oorlogsschip om op volle zee de identificatiegegevens van een koopvaardijschip op te vragen (vroeger door het tonen van de vlag, nu meestal via radiocommunicatie);  
de Annäherungsrecht das Recht eines Kriegsschiffs auf hoher See, ein Schiff aufzufordern, sich zu identifizieren (früher durch das Zeigen der Flagge, heute i.d.R. über Funk)
en right of approach the right of a man-of-war on the high seas to demand identification from another vessel (formerly by showing the flag, now by means of radio communcation).
fr droit d'approche  
en "The right of 'approach' and the right to 'hail' is universally admitted, if the approaching vessel can get near enough; but that does not and cannot involve the right to stop or detain the vessel to be hailed for that purpose. The privilege of visiting a ship may be accorded by the ship to be visited or not, just as the master of a house may accept or decline the visit of his neighbor."  
  from: The Right of Search, and the Right of Visit, The New York Times, April 17, 1855