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nl alcohol   arab. al-kuhl (antimoon); organische verbinding waarin een of meerdere hydroxide groepen (-OH) aan verzadigde koolstofatomen gebonden zijn (methylalcohol/methanol, ethylalcolohol/ethanol)
de Alkohol arab. al-kuhl (Antimon); organische Verbindung in der eine oder mehrere Hydroxylgruppen (-OH) an gesättigte Kohlenstoffatome gebunden sind. (Methylalkohol/Methanol, Äthylalkohol/Äthanol)
en alcohol In chemistry, alcohol is a more general term, applied to any organic compound in which a hydroxyl group (-OH) is bound to a carbon atom, which in turn is bound to other hydrogen and/or carbon atoms.
Alcohols are in wide use in industry and science as reagents, solvents, and fuels. State-of-the-art engineering has achieved replacement of gasoline (and other hydrocarbons which produce toxic fumes) with forms of alcohol such as ethanol or methanol (which burn more cleanly).
fr alcool  
es alcohol      
it alco(o)l