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nl alkaliniteit   de graad naarmate een vloeistof basisch is.
de Alkalinität
Grad, in dem eine Lösung basisch ist.
en alkalinity extent to which a solution is alkaline.
The treatment of raw water to make it fit for boiler feeding depends on the chemical analysis of the water concerned. The scale forming properties are due to its hardness. The total hardness is made up of 'temporary hardness' and 'permanent hardness'. Temporary hardness due to the presence of bicarbonates of calcium and magnesium in a solution can be removed by boiling. This temporary hardness is also called alkalinity.
fr alcalinité  
es alcalinidad   número de miliequivalentes de hidrogeniones que son neutralizados por 1 Kilogramo de agua de mar a 20°C cuando se agrega un exceso de ácido.  
it alcalinità