ultramarin marine translations
nl  aan boord   aan boord zijn, op het schip zijn; aan boord gaan, etc.
de  an Bord auf dem Schiff/auf das Schiff: z.B. an Bord sein, an Bord gehen, bringen, bleiben;
en  aboard (ship)
on board
to be on a ship; to go (bring, remain etc.) on board (to embark), etc.
"Come aboard, sir!" - a sailor's way of reporting himself on board after leave of absence.
"to run aboard / to fall aboard a vessel"
- for one vessel to come into collision with another.
"to fall aboard" - said of a sail when, from the lightness of the wind or other causes, it ceases to blow out.
"to haul the boom aboard" - to haul the boom in by the mainsheet from off the lee quarter. (Dixon/Kemp, 1913)
fr  à bord  
es a bordo      
it a bordo
in nave
dk ombord      
se ombord